Spring Preparation

shrinkwrap, boat yard

Winter is over and it’s that time of year to take boats out of storage! Annual preparation and cleaning will help prevent problems once you hit the water – and there are ways to be green while doing it. Here are a few steps you can take to make sure the preparations for launching your boat are more environmentally friendly:

1. Uncover your boat – if you used shrinkwrap, you can recycle it.

  • Remove strapping, lumber, nails, zippers, vents and other materials.
  • Keep shrinkwrap as clean as possible.
  • Check with your marina if you should roll or bag the shrinkwrap.

2. Get your engines ready! If you didn’t before the winter, change the oil and filter, and perform routine maintenance on the engine. Remove antifreeze from you water systems. Both engine oil and antifreeze can be recycled. Check out our Engine Maintenance sections and your manuals for specific instructions.

3. Charge all batteries and install them. If you are looking to purchase new ones, check out our Batteries section for tips on which ones to buy.

4. Prep the bottom of your boat using a dustless sander and eco-friendly hull paints. For specific tips and product suggestions, check out our Bottom Paint section.

5. Give your boat a good cleaning with non-toxic cleaners.

6. Enjoy the boating season!

Green Boating Guide: